Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MindFull?

MindFull is a ready-to-drink ketone-infused water designed to provide sustained natural energy. It is a scientifically formulated blend of super ingredients to support cognitive function and promote focus and clarity.

2. How does MindFull work?

MindFull works by delivering a unique blend of ketones (check out our "WTF is a Ketone" page for an in-depth explanation of what a ketone is). But, in short, ketones help enhance metabolic performance, promote mental clarity, and provide sustained energy levels without any crash.

3. When should I drink MindFull?

MindFull is your new best friend. You can drink a can in the morning, in the afternoon to help with the chronic post-lunch food coma, at night before a late-night study session, and even before the gym as a pre-workout. It is best enjoyed chilled, either from the fridge or over ice, and it's even great as a mixer! Start with one can per day and adjust the consumption according to your personal needs.

4. What else is in a can of MindFull?

We use high-quality natural ingredients to flavor our drinks, monk fruit to sweeten (no sugar alcohols!), and absolutely no coloring agents! We are here to give you the stuff your brain wants and nothing else to provide a delightful and refreshing taste experience with every sip!

5. Can MindFull replace my daily coffee or energy drink?

In short, no. MindFull does not give you the same spike in energy as caffeine does. However, what ketones do is provide your brain and body with an elevated state of focus, clarity, and metabolic functioning without any crash or spike. It can be a great supplement to enhance your focus or support your weight loss journey. MindFull is a perfect drink to have in the afternoon or evening if you don't want to disrupt your sleep schedule. It does not cause any gut irritation, and you won't experience any kind of energy crash.

6. Where can I purchase MindFull?

You can pre-order a case of MindFull directly from our website. We offer secure online ordering and convenient shipping options to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of MindFull as soon as possible!

7. Is MindFull vegan?

Yes, MindFull is vegan!